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Service Description

Dear user:

Thank you for using our model, and also thank you for your support and help!

Canyon Model have a professional after-sales service department and service hotline, which provides you with model maintenance, technical consultation and other services. 

Service tenet 

Provide excellent quality assurance and after sales service is our company's operating purposes


Service commitment

We commitment to establish a sound management mechanism to ensure the interests of customers, and always adhere to the customer is god to win customers with the support and love. After the completion of the delivery of the model, we promise to provide a year of after sales maintenance. The damage caused by the quality of the model project in the warranty period, but not the man-made factors, our company will ensure that the first time to send specially-assigned person to maintain it freely. The warranty period due to improper you use, or you have major modifications to the design proposal, the costs of maintenance and modification shall be calculated separately. Beyond the warranty period of the product, we can continue to provide services in accordance with the above mentioned conditions, but we will charge the cost according to the specific circumstances of the maintenance service. If there is a change in the planning of the production,the costs could be determined by friendly consultations between the two parties.


Warranty clause

Ⅰ.Any fault caused by non-artificial reason

Whthin one year, any fault caused by non-artificial reason we will maintain it freely,and provide lifelong maintenance services for the contract.During the warranty period,our caompany provide two free cleaning and maintenance services, but we may collect the corresponding fees beyond two times.

Ⅱ.The following scope does not belong to the scope of free service.

1.products of the normal wear and tear.

2.Free warranty period for models has expired.

3.Caused by an accident, misuse, abuse, or other force majeure.

4.Not in accordance with the requirements of the specification

5.Damage caused by non professional staff of our company unauthorized demolition and reform

6.Without the company's nameplate.


Maintenance instructions of models

1.Do not place the models in a high temperature, direct sunlight or humid environment(The optimum temperature was 5--35℃ and optimum humidity was 30%--80%).

2.Taking care of dust proof.If there is dirt on the model, do not clean with alcohol, thinner and other chemical.you can use model specific cleaning agent and wipe the surface with a soft towel gently.

3.If there has gadget dropped off from the model, don't throw it away, but pack and keep it well. And waiting for the professional staff of our company to reattach it from losing.

4.Non professionals do not contact the model directly, so as not to touch or damage the trinkets on the models and destroy the effect.

5.Lights on the model have automatic control device, laypeople do not remove or resize privately. Pay attention to the stability of the power supply. Sound, light, water and electric power system must work under normal and stable voltage during model's presentation.

6.Carrying or transporting model should be under the guidance of professional and technical personnel, avoid collision, collapse and other similar situations during transport.