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What’s virtual digital sand table?

Virtual digital sand table is a three-dimensional electronic sand table which can be used to produce real-time browse according to user needs. It can simulate flight and touring process, and can display geographical coordinates and height information.


Virtual digital sand table includes the following contents:


l  The combination of vector thematic map, grid satellite image and digital elevation model forms the virtual three-dimensional electronic sand table, which can be marked with place name, road name and other text messages as required;


l  Browse can be conducted by adjusting height and angle at will in the 3D environment;


l  Buildings, roads, trees, people and other 3D facilities can be added as required;


l  You can inquire detailed properties, pictures, videos and other information as you like.


Compared with the existing electronic sand table, in addition to the effects possessed by electronic sand table, virtual digital sand table boasts more stereoscopic and intuitive demonstration effect for presenting planning and landscape, which restores the original meaning of sand table and needs no substantial sand table. Compared with traditional sand-table model, virtual digital sand-table model is able to realize the functions that the substantial sand-table models can’t, such as zoom display of local regions.


What’s more, the demonstration area of the same sand table can realize the functions of several other sand tables. Therefore, it has wider application fields, true, stereoscopic, fast, simple, accurate and dynamic, to obtain more abundant demonstration effects. 


(Canyon model – Digital sand table for Zhuhai Shizimen CBD)

(Canyon model – Digital sand table for Bird Nest – Main Stadium of Beijing Olympic Games)