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Canyon obtained the invention patent of projection digital model

  Recently, another invention patent of Canyon has obtained the authorization of the State Intellectual Property Office and got the invention patent certificate. Patent name: “Interactive integration system of multimedia orthogonal projection digital model”, patent number: ZL201110448142.0.  



  This invention, based on traditional sand-table models, blends in with high-tech elements of sound, light, electricity, video, sound effect, etc., which largely enriches the exhibition effects of urban planning models and real estate architectural models, bringing visitors more intuitive and strong audio-visual experience and conforming to today’s popular information access method. 

  Canyon began to apply for this invention patent as early as in 2011. During the period, it has finished multiple digital sand-table model projects by using multimedia orthographic projection technology, such as “digital sand table for Harbin Wanda Cultural Tourism City”, “digital sand table for Zhuhai Shizimen CBD”, “digital planning sand table for Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Area”, etc., which obtained good exhibition effects and received high praise from Party A.


Digital sand table for Harbin Wanda Cultural Tourism City


Digital sand table for Zhuhai Shizimen CBD


Digital planning sand table for Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Area


  Canyon has at present obtained an invention patent, a software copyright patent and eight utility model patents, still with many patents under declaration. The obtaining of these patents will help the company take full advantage of its independent intellectual property and further consolidate its leading position in the industry. Canyon will keep adhering to technological innovation and explore creative high-tech sand-table demonstration methods to constantly promote sand-table model industry upgrade.