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Converging power and making pioneering work

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Notes on high-tech intelligent sand table for Chengdu Wanda Cultural Tourism City


  Recently, Canyon Group has successfully won the bid of high-tech intelligent sand table for Chengdu Wanda Cultural Tourism City. The model of this project adopts multiple high and new technologies: true water system, dynamic simulation technology, intelligent transportation system, intelligent terminal control system, Wanda Luxuriance independent rotation, lifting and start-up, demonstration with computer moving-head light and model cooperating with each other, etc., comprehensively presenting the project’s overall planning and function division, development prospects, and showing the development orientation of Wanda’s tourism, business and real estate. 

  Chengdu Wanda Cultural Tourism City, located in Dujiangyan, with a total investment of RMB 55 billion, will build a world-level cultural industry project taking cultural tourism as the core and integrating business, commerce and residential function. This project will be planned, designed and constructed in accordance with world-class standards. The project is planned to be started in September 2015 and will be put into operation before December 30, 2018. With a model-making area of more than 460 square meters, the intelligent sand-table model for Chengdu Wanda Cultural Tourism City needs to fully manifest the project’s design concept, district planning and functional orientation, etc., which will pioneer the extra large-scale high-tech intelligent sand table and refresh industry records in production scale, technological content as well as construction difficulties.






  After the confirmation of the project, Canyon Group prepared a banner of “fighting for Chengdu Wanda for 30 days”, all colleagues worked overtime and even all night long, overcoming a series of difficulties: tight schedules, heavy tasks and complexity, and finally successfully finished the whole model-making part of the project through 20 days of hard work. Wanda Group also attached great importance to this sand-table model making, with Director Ye of Business Division and Director Wang of Cultural Tourism Division visiting Canyon in person. They carefully inquired the project progress and guided the design and production scheme. In addition, Wanda dispatched over 10 senior engineers to Canyon as resident representatives to repeatedly discuss and carefully communicate with our colleagues of the Engineering Department, jointly promoting the whole project schedule. Wanda team’s professional ethics set a good example for us and encourage Canyon people to build a “Wanda Group” in sand-table model industry. 


  At present, Canyon has more than ten workers participating in on-site installation construction. A milestone sand-table model is expected to appear at the marketing center of Chengdu Wanda Cultural Tourism City in early September, so please stay tuned.