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Opening of model works exhibition by 40 Japanese architects


  A new exhibition of model works made by 40 Japanese architects was held at the Triennale Design Museum, especially including the works of architect Kengo Kuma, Riken Yamamoto and Hitoshi Abe.

  This activity is co-organized by the Architecture Storage Foundation, an organization constituted for preserving Japanese architects’ architectural models and design works. 


Models works of 40 Japanese architects exhibited in the exhibition


  In worldwide architectural firms, handmade scale models play an incomparable role in design communication process. “Architectural model is a most important tool for architects to express their design ideas”, explained Shigeru Ban, the person in charge of the Architecture Storage Foundation, “many Japanese architects still insists on making architectural models by hand, but I’m worried that there is no organization able to well preserve these models and make good use of them. At present, many architects in Japan have no enough space to accommodate architectural models. And the Architecture Storage Foundation emerges at the right moment. It stores these models in an open and sharing warehouse and is open to the public as an exhibition space.”

  After realizing the value and importance of these small artworks, the Architecture Storage Foundation got an idea to establish a museum to preserve these models. In addition to storing models, the Foundation also wants to utilize them to hold various exhibitions and activities, so as to arouse architects’ and the public’s awareness of the relationship between architectures and city environment.  


Many excellent model works of Shigeru Ban also shown in the exhibition


  “Nowadays, computers’ visualization generating technology is quite common for architects, but there are still many architects insisting on making handicraft models,” said Shigeru Ban, “which shows that making handicraft models is not only an important tool to exhibit design results, but also a tool to exhibit the whole design process from schematic design to the completion. We can’t abandon them just because there is no enough storage space, on the contrary, we shall try our best to find a way to continue to preserve them and give play to their important role.” 


Shigeru Ban’s airport project plan


This exhibition not only attracts a large number of well-known celebrities in architectural field, but also draws everyone’s attention to Japan’s new generation of architects. These models explore their vision and convey the latest progress of contemporary Japanese architectures to the outside world.