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Yu Yong -- Secretary of Fuyang Municipal Party Committee visiting sand-table models and investigating the Sunriver Cultural Tourism City

  Clear, vivid, lively and stereoscopic, sand-table models gain great popularity in government departments and real estate developers. In urban planning and construction as well as real estate sales, sand-table models have also gradually become an essential demonstration item.


  On July 25, Yu Yong, Secretary of Fuyang Municipla Party Committee, accompanied by Liu Hongjie, Secretary of Yingquan District Party Committee, Zhang Huajiu, Secretary of Yingzhou District Party Committee, Du Yumin, Mayor of Yingquan District, Li Fangming, Deputy Secretary of Yingquan District Party Committee, Jia Guangming, Executive Deputy Mayor of Yingzhou District, Yu Faxiang, President of Sunriver Group, Lai Zhilin, President of Sunriver, and Yu Fangsheng, General Manager of Fuyang Project Company, visited the Sunriver Cultural Tourism City Project for investigation and inspection.  


Yu Yong -- Secretary of Fuyang Municipal Party Committee visiting sand-table models


  Secretary Yu Yong and his delegation first arrived at the temporary exhibition center of the Sunriver Cultural Tourism City Project to observe the panoramic sand-table model of the project. It is said that this sand-table model is made by a domestic model-making leader – Canyon Model Design Co., Ltd., which clearly restores eco-cultural tourism, agricultural sightseeing, recreation and relaxation, urban entertainment and other formats included in the project. The overall planning and construction is fully and clearly manifested in the model. While visiting the sand-table model, Secretary Yu Yong listened to the introduction of the overall planning of Sunriver Cultural Tourism City Project, and inquired more details of relevant specialized planning. Then, Secretary Yu Yong came to the initial project construction sites: Cultural Tourism Exhibition Center, Yinghuayuan temporary dwellings, Ou’Su Cultural Park Phase I to see the initial project construction progress. During the investigation and inspection, Secretary Yu Yong pointed out that the Sunriver Cultural Tourism Project shall be further improved in planning. Road network planning shall not only take consideration of the project scope, but also be well linked with urban planning, to realize quick interconnection and intercommunication inside and outside the project. The supporting project planning such as large-scale business, hotel, etc. shall be oriented to the future development demand of surrounding regional cities and based on the overall supporting for the development of the whole city. The tourist attraction project planning shall be a combination of tradition and modern. Tourism project lies not in quantity but in its own featured items and special features. It shall fully excavate and blend in with local culture and make innovation in combination with technological experience, so as to enhance the project’s overall attraction. Secretary Yu Yong emphasized that we shall further speed up the project development progress, accelerate the supporting project construction for municipal roads and public services, quicken Phase II land requisition and resettlement, and initiate the construction of tourist attraction Phase II project, and the municipal government and the district government as well as relevant departments shall provide various services and make relevant supporting facilities construction. 


Sand-table model for Fuyang Sunriver Yinghuai Eco-cultural Tourism Area

Model Scale: 1:650; Model Size: 5.6*7.0m


Sand-table model for Fuyang Sunriver Yinghuai Eco-cultural Tourism Area


  Canyon Model, with a nationwide influence, has long enjoyed great reputation in model-making industry and has produced lots of exquisite sand-table models for many large-scale government planning projects and famous real estate projects. The sand-table model for Fuyang Sunriver Yinghuai Eco-cultural Tourism Area also obtained high praise from government leaders and visitors. The above sand-table models are from the official website of Canyon Model Company, and you can search http://www.canyon-model.com/news_view--id-2782.html for more information.