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Precious small-size architectural models by well-known master

Architectural models

Architectural models


Liao Zhide has produced a large number of 1:10 small-size architectural models in his later years. Boasting skillful techniques and precise scale, Liao is not only the best example in terms of architectural techniques, but also the living specimen of Taiwan traditional architecture.


Liao Zhide is outgoing, young-at-heart and has an inquiring mind. 30 years ago, he built himself a tree house behind his residence in Tainan. Once visits came, he would lead them to climb up and down to experience this breathing house and the power of his creation – “roots foot massager”.

This is Liao Zhide whose lifework must strictly conform to size and techniques, but he has the method to build a tree house as he like just by utilizing local materials and making good use of waste materials, such as turning the banyan’s trunk into the beam column.


How magic is Liao Zhide’s ability of making houses? No one can tell. But there is no doubt that he is extremely skillful in handicraft, many tools such as tenon, plane cutter, protractor and grinding apparatus are all DIY.

After retirement in 2000, Liao Zhide has been invited to give lectures everywhere even in local middle and primary schools. Encouraged by his son, Liao Zhixiang, he began to make architectural models. Liao Zhixiang said, “For my father, that’s the cohesion of his half-century wisdom, which brings him incomparable sense of achievement.” While Liao Zhide said, “They know I’m not willing to stop working, so they just advise me to make small-size models, which can both skill time and prevent Senile Dementia.”


While making these architectural models, Liao Zhide is just like stacking blocks, once starting he can’t stop. Dozens of traditional architectural models have been accumulated after years of efforts. These precious handicrafts are being shown in the “Special Exhibition of Excellent Works” held in Taichung cultural and creative industry park, with the exhibition duration till July 26. (China Times)