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What’s the future development trend of indoor model – indoor decoration

You can discover by carefully observing the sand-table models made by Canyon Model Company that the exhibition effects of sand-table models is increasingly improved. During more than twenty years of development, in addition to keeping on introducing new technologies and researching new production process, Canyon Model also pays attention to orientating interior articles and indoor decoration style of sand-table models to fashionable and modern direction. In the production of indoor models, Model Design and model making personnel even make deep research in the prevailing decoration style of various periods, pay close attention to the future development trend of indoor decoration, timely adjust details of indoor models in terms of small articles, furniture pattern and color matching, committed to create exquisite indoor model works better conforming to human aesthetic standards. 

Indoor models made by Canyon Model

Indoor models made by Canyon Model


With the development of society and further improvement of specialties, this condition will gradually be improved, and thus brings the following trends:

1. Indoor design needs to return to nature: With increasing awareness of environmental protection, people yearn for nature, enjoying natural drinks, using natural materials and living in natural green environment. High nationalization only emphasizing high modernization, although people’s living quality has been increased, they feel the loss of tradition and the past. Therefore, modern indoor design’s development trend is to emphasize both modernization and tradition.


2. Indoor design needs integrated artistry: With the richness of social material wealth, people require being liberated from the “piled houses” and pursue integrated beauty of various articles. Indoor design needs high modernization: With the development of science and technology, indoor designers shall learn to utilize all modern sci-tech means to achieve the optimized matching effects of sound, light, color and shape, realize high speed, high efficiency and high function, and create ideal and satisfying spatial environment.


3. Indoor design needs high technology and high rationalization: Indoor design of advanced industrial country in the world is developing towards high technology and high rationalization. Therefore, indoor designers need to attach importance to science and technology and also emphasize human kindness, and only in this way can they realize the integration of high technology and high rationalization.


4. Indoor design stresses individuality: Mass industrial production leaves the society a monotonous problem of homogenization. To break through the homogenization, people pursue individuality. Convenience of service: With concentration of urban population, foreign countries attach great importance to developing modern service facilities to realize high efficiency and convenience. Indoor designers shall further stress “human” in design to satisfy customers and for their convenience. Extensive application of new materials: With the rapid development of new building materials and indoor decorating materials, future home furnishing becomes ingenious beyond description. The spatial pattern will be divided freely. As people’s living standards rise, the area of residence will be larger, and the original small-size residence will be gradually improved and redecorated. 


  Only the production trend of indoor models closely follows the pace of indoor design can they be more attractive. Small articles of indoor models, including furniture, home appliances, ornaments, table lamps, etc., shall all keep pace with the times and catch up with modern people’s aesthetic standards, and only in this way, can they be regarded as excellent indoor model works.