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Materials for making model aircrafts – Non-metallic materials

Gulfstream G550 aircraft industrial model made by Canyon Model

Gulfstream G550 aircraft industrial model made by Canyon Model


Industrial model making is different from that of sand-table model. Generally, business model stresses creating business atmosphere, residence model pays attention to warmth and comfort, and most sand-table models need some embellishment by small articles to be closer to reality, while industrial models are mostly simple and clear. The purpose of industrial models is to demonstrate the operating process of an industrial product, and therefore it shall be as simple as possible for viewers’ understanding. Thus, materials for making industrial models are also different from those of common sand-table models. We will continue to explain some materials used in aircraft model making.


Paper: Common book cover paper, drawing paper, whiteboard paper, card paper, etc. have certain rigidity and can be used to make wing, empennage, fuselage, etc. of small-size paper aircraft models.


Tissue paper: can be used to make the skin of framed industrial model – tortoise aircraft. In most cases, tissue paper skin shall be smeared with paint to ensure its air tightness and tension. The skin of some primary framed industrial model – tortoise aircraft is made of copying paper, typing paper, oil seal paper, cigarette paper, etc. and paint is not needed, because these kinds of paper has better air tightness than tissue paper, and after being utilized, they will have great tension by spraying a litter water on them. The most important feature of paper used to make skin is having good tensile strength. In recent years, there have been many new paper materials, among which there is a “non-woven” paper, similar to cloth. It has broad prospect in making motor skin of industrial models, because its strength is close to that of cloth and much greater than that of paper, and has good air tightness.


Textile: The skin of some large-scale framed aircraft models is made of kiginu, insulating silk, nylon yarn and other textiles. The skin made of these materials has both light weight and strong strength. For models of some new-type parasols, sail-wing aircrafts and other aircrafts with flexible wings, their wings are mostly made of calendaring nylon taffeta or gelatinized nylon taffeta with good air tightness. Rubber. For aircraft models, rubber is mainly used to make power rubber band, and sometimes used to make rubber airplane wheels, rubber soft tanks for containing methanol fuel, as well as foamed rubber shock pads, etc.