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Delicious rice dumplings sending best wishes

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 Dragon Boat Festival is one of the ancient traditional festivals of Chinese nation. With the approaching of Dragon Boat Festival, Canyon Group staff expresses our best wishes to our new and old customers. Thanks for your supports and concerns! We sincerely wish you and your family a happy festival, good health and peaceful and safe life!

 Eating rice dumplings at Dragon Boat Festival is Chinese nation’s traditional custom. In this fragrant occasion, Canyon also provides its staff with best wishes, steaming rice dumplings as well as selected gifts. On the site, everyone carries a warm smile on its face. With best wishes and fragrance, the whole company is full of warmth and sweetness. 


 Canyon Group’s vigorous development can’t be realized without each staff’s hard work. It is your long-term silent contribution, loyalty to the company and enthusiasm for your career that composes Canyon’s glorious past and describes Canyon’s brilliant today and future. In the special occasion, we wish Canyon Group’s every member a happy festival and a happy family!