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One-day Tour in Huizhou Leigongxia for Canyon Group Shenzhen Company

Time: June 21, 2014

Place: Huizhou Leigongxia

Participant: The staff of Canyon Group Shenzhen Company


Event No. 1: Happy picnic in Leigongxia


The whole process of the event:

At 8:30 am, assembling in front of the company, i.e. the Da Lang Ao Hua Industrial Zone of Longhua, all staff of the Canyon Group traveled in six buses, and after about two-hour’s drive, we arrived at our destination, i.e. Huizhou Leigongxia.


As soon as getting off the bus, we got the group divided as we like, 10 persons per table and five tables for a bus. For each table, three representatives were sent out to the picnic park to collect ingredients. A massive picnic with 300 participants got started!


After collecting the ingredients, we arranged everyone’s responsibilities instantly. 10 partners endeavored to show their specialties, quickly applying for chief cook, vegetable cleaner, vegetable cutter, dishwasher, cooking rice as well as making fire and taking up their duties promptly. At that moment, everything was on track with passion and order, full of various kinds of sound, from washing, cutting, crackling fire, slaughtering fish and chickens, together with cheers and laughers...... Canyon staff gave full play to their superior qualities in work, such as motivation, collaboration and joint efforts.


Unity is productivity. A moment ago, there were just fresh ingredients. However, after multi-channel processes, they went through luxury transformation and had been shown as delicious dishes. Through different processes, even the same ingredients displayed taste and flavor in widely differing ways. Nevertheless, dishes on every table all tasted good and looked fine, making everyone mouth-watering. Looking at the delicious dishes that cooked by our own hands, we all instantly became gourmands and gobbled down the dishes without satisfaction.


Group photo of Canyon Group Shenzhen Company


Picking vegetables


Catching fishes

Catching fishes


Slaughtering chickens

Lighting the fire for cooking

Washing dishes

Processing the ingredients

General Manager personally took a hand

A large kitchen in the field

 Achievement exhibition

 Achievement exhibition

 Achievement exhibition

Event No. 2: Passionate rafting in Leigongxia


The whole process of the event:

The highlight of the company's tourism activities, i.e. the rafting, came after the bumper lunch. Designed by a professional construction company, Leigongxia drifting in Huizhou Xiangtou Mountain has a rafting river drop of nearly 100 meters and more than a dozen of drops with different sizes of gap. Along the rafting river there are more than 20 natural landscape, with ten miles of bamboo gallery wuthering in the wind. Scattered with rare stones all over like stars in the sky, plus clear streams and high level of negative ions air in the valley, the deep canyon exudes a natural aura, making people involved feel as if they are in a fairyland.


Equipped with our life jackets, helmet and sandals, we started the "wet" tour in pairs. We encountered a small climax less than 1 minute after we had got onboard, where there was a C-shaped channel with a drop of about 2 meters in the entrance. The boat floated downstream smoothly and simply gave us a penetrating coolness, mobilizing the atmosphere instantly.


The whole process of rafting was passionate yet sometimes it was refreshing. In fast-flowing areas, we grasped firmly the protective rope, letting the water wave lapping our skin, and we cannot stop screaming, wantonly releasing our passion. In flat water areas, we picked up the prepared water gun and bailer and joined in the water fights; or we would lye on the boat, drifting slowly with the wave and enjoying the greenery along both sides; or we would close our eyes and take deep breath of the fresh air which is rare in big cities, then we would be relaxed physically as well as mentally, and then we could enjoy the lithe and graceful afternoons.


The whole journey of Leigongxia drifting is 4.5 kilometers, and this wonderful time lasted for about two hours.


Waiting for departure


Paddling drifting boat


Want a “penetrating coolness”


Flat water areas


Water fights en route




Take a rest

After finishing the drift, we put on our dry clothes. At 5:30 pm, a day’s tourism activities were rounded off with warmness, satisfaction and stimulation, and we bid farewell to the Leigongxia and embarked on the bus back to Shenzhen.


Thank Canyon for providing us a chance to take part in such an unique activity. It brings us a great relaxation, both physically and mentally. Now it becomes clearer for us that we should carry out our own duties and work together to fulfill the job successfully and efficiently. Tomorrow, we will return to work for Canyon Group, with a more enthusiastic and more responsible attitude,and we together will struggle for a brighter future for the company.