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Canyon Model carrying out two successive special trainings


Canyon Model organized two special trainings respectively on December 20 afternoon and December 24 afternoon on the request of the project operation department for its staff training: Picture Processing and 3D Software Application, given by Li Wenzhuang from the marketing department and Wu Ke from the creation center respectively.


Through these two trainings, the operation department staff has been able to skillfully use Photoshop to cutout pictures and adjust colors, and has also learned to use 3dsmax to conduct simple treatment for models.


Staff participating in these trainings said they have learned a lot from such special trainings. Grasping the usage of picture processing software makes project operation department staff able to answer customers’ doubts and questions more independently, more leisurely and more professionally. Later on, Canyon Model will successively carry out more diversified trainings according to different demands, so stay tuned!