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Real estate building models

  Real estate building model is to highly simulate the real estate building according to a certain scale and different classification in the form of models. It can be used for viewing, exhibition and collection, highly simulated and portable. If you want to get more details, you have to know about the definition and building classification of real estate.

  Definition of real estate: the sum of house property and land property or the building and attachment on the land. Generally, architecture is a collective term of buildings and structures. Houses or places where people can make production, live or conduct other activities are all called “buildings”, such as residence, school, office building, etc., and people also customarily call them architectures, while architectures where people do not make production or live are called “structures”, such as dam, chimney, etc.

Classification of real estate buildings

1. Divided by use nature into industrial buildings, agricultural buildings and civil buildings. Civil buildings include residential buildings and public buildings, and residential buildings can be subdivided into apartment, garden residence, newly built residence, new type lane house, old type land house, shanty, etc. 

2. Divided by building scale and quantity into large-quantity building and large-scale building.

3. Divided by building storey and total height into low-rise building, multistory building, middle high-rise building, high-rise building and extra high-rise building. 


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